Lab Members

PI – Julie Teichroeb
BSc, MA, PhD – University of Calgary

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anthropology
University of Toronto Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4
Office: MW343, Phone: 416-208-8177;                         Lab: SW223B, 647-601-4492
Email: jteichroeb(at)

Jean Arseneau-Robar

Jean is a post-doctoral researcher in the lab working on the diet of Angolan colobus and vervet decision-making



Keren Klass

Keren is a PhD student co-supervised with Shawn Lehman. She is examining the effects of habitat fragmentation on dispersal in black howlers in Mexico.



tamaraTamara Kumpan

Tamara is a PhD student examining hormonal effects on cognitive development.




Eve Smeltzer

Eve is a PhD student examining the patterns and determinants of leadership during vervet group movements.




Samantha Stead

Sam is a PhD student studying maternal stress and its effect on infant development in Anogolan colobus at Nabugabo.



Florence Landry

Florence is a MSc student studying leadership and predeparture signaling in Angolan colobus at Nabugabo.



Mingfei Li

Mingfei is a MSc student studying vervet foraging tactics at Nabugabo.


 Samuel Poirier-Poulin

Samuel is a MSc student studying Angolan colobus vocalizations at Nabugabo.