There are opportunities in the lab for motivated undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate volunteers enter a lot of our data from Uganda and some have completed independent study projects on the data. I usually take at least one master’s and/or PhD student a year to work on either the vervet monkeys or the Angolan colobus at Lake Nabugabo. Students with previous field experience are preferred. Applicants have to go through the competitive application process through the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. If you are interested, please contact me prior to applying to the gradaute program.

Please see: http://http://anthropology.utoronto.ca/graduate/ for deadlines and further information.

Email: julie.teichroeb(at)utoronto.ca

Fall 2023 lab party. Back row, Julie Teichroeb, Hafsa Ishaque, Frances Adams, Coco Tucker-Gritt; Front row, Pengzhen Huang, Tamara Kumpan, Mona Nouri, Eve Smeltzer, and Abby Dunseith

The Lab represents at CAPA 2019 in Banff – Karyn Anderson, Mingfei Li, Frances Adams & Florence Landry

Field work team in Uganda 2018 – Sam Stead, Julie Teichroeb, Florence Landry & Samuel Poirier-Poulin

Team colobus 2017 – Sam Stead, Edward Mujjuzi & Hannington Kakeeto

Escape room fun 2017 – Keren Klass, Sam Stead, Jean Arseneau-Robar, Megan Joyce, Tamara Kumpan, Julie Teichroeb & Eve Smeltzer